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International Contest, add "Olympic level"

International Sports Federations Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey (IVV) is the bid to host the Olympic sports league international public funding Chengdu 14th 2015 public meeting of Guangdong Zhaoqing annual meeting in 2012 to critical decisions. Announced the voting results, this point, to bless Chengdu, chairman Giuseppe roller Tonio IVV, Chengdu adds a major international sporting event meaningful. Public for the first time to China Olympics Sports league international public is established in 1968, was born in Germany, the German word for "movement of people" is a non-profit organization formed voluntarily by sports enthusiasts. Currently, members of the Union have more than 6000 members of two million people in more than 50 countries and regions, more than club members. The purpose of the union is to promote Brandon Marshall Bears Jersey the health of people through outdoor sports non-competitive through sports public to promote relations of friendship and international to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding and world peace. Held public Olympic International Sports League, swim, content to walk, every two years, bicycle, three, increase the number of non-competitive sport sometimes. Without taking consideration of rank, the game for multi-family units to participate will focus on participation. 2009 convention held only in Japan, especially in Asia, are quite popular in Europe, this activity, Chengdu will be the first city in China to host the Olympics international public. Chengdu was sincerely impressed IVV Preparation useful, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretariat of the municipal team tender powerful Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Secretariat exposition city, the year of the machine through a sports league international public in the city of Zhaoqing sent to the Bureau of Sport Municipal Chengdu convocation of the general meeting following the bid information formally proposed a bid request this activity. Cultural performances wonderful, organize and video promotion of the city image of the PPT, in a bid to host the site, the delegation of Chengdu that have been granted to members sport Chengdu IVV participation, tourism and introductory material comprehensive statement of great bid I run. You can hope that the delegation of a sincere attitude, inspire enthusiasm of the people to be held in Chengdu Chengdu, the Olympics this public Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey , participating in sports, the world learn more about Chengdu . Statement of delegation Chengdu, touched the final vote of voting members of the city than IVV, Chengdu, pottery Pulitzer city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Austria to become the final winner. 14th international public Olympic sports leagues will be held in 2015, then there will be thousands of outdoor recreational sports enthusiasts in about 60 countries and regions, convergence Chengdu, tens of thousands of enthusiasts in Japan will We will have a positive impact on tourism in Chengdu, in other industries, not only in the fitness industry Chengdu culture, also brings good to promote. More than one event is expected to Chengdu Introduction of Chengdu, from the ATP tour, in recent years, many public sports organized a number of international competitions Samsung World Championship every year, World Championship Boxing WBC, World Cup, A1, Dance Sport Festival Chengdu, China Equestrian Festival I bring a feast. Well as race, as a leader in order to promote the development of the sports industry and sports industry Chengdu, contributed greatly to the economic growth of the city. This is in Chengdu next year, we will organize a new world and World Cup race, five species of classical dance Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey , Tai Chi Sports Festival, China Equestrian Festival, International Snooker Championship, the world's best modern Tai Chi master gathered in Chengdu I have understood that. In addition, we are committed to the municipal sports department several large events other is actively implemented, bring many surprises for the public. Certainly, Chengdu Sport 2013 will be further vivid.

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